Welcome to the Oaklawn Baptist Church Web-page.
This page is dedicated to serving Christ and to helping you be better
informed about activities and Bible Studies here at Oaklawn. Our goal is
always to put Christ first and to help you find ways to do the same. Our
Worship Service times include Praise to God both in song and in word as we
study and sing of His wonderful love for us. We have many study times in
which God's Word is taught: in our Sunday School time, and Wednesday
Night Bible Study times, and in our Youth Group on Wednesday Nights.
Please come to join us as we worship our risen living savior, and bring your
It is our textbook.
Service Times
Sunday School 9:30 am
Morning Worship 10:45 am
Prayer for Church 5:30 pm
RA and GA Program 6:00 pm
Sunday Night Worship 6:00 pm
Streams in the Desert - an
outreach study and planning
meeting Wednesday 6 pm
Wednesday Night Bible Study
6:30 pm
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    This is proving to be a wintry time in East
Texas! Cold blowing winds, chances of winter
precipitation, freezing temperatures and gray
days make us yearn for warmer temps and
sunshine!! We tend to always want better than
what we have at the moment!
In the spring and summer, we want more
rain,or we have had enough. We need more air
conditioning as the year heats up, and yearn
for cooler temps. In the winter we seek
summertime, and in the summer, we want fall!
Are we never satisfied?
I'll go back to my previous statement-  "
tend to always want better than what we have
at the moment
     There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a
better person, a better Christian. But God has
placed us where we are, to do what He wants
done! Always strive for more with the Lord, but
realize YOU are where HE wants you! Look
around for the WORK He wants done, Make
yourself available to Him, and watch Him work
in your life! Be Blessed and have a God-filled

Praying for YOU,

Bro. Chip Davidson