Welcome to the Oaklawn Baptist Church Web-page.
This page is dedicated to serving Christ and to helping you be better
informed about activities and Bible Studies here at Oaklawn. Our goal is
always to put Christ first and to help you find ways to do the same. Our
Worship Service times include Praise to God both in song and in word as we
study and sing of His wonderful love for us. We have many study times in
which God's Word is taught: in our Sunday School time, and Wednesday
Night Bible Study times, and in our Youth Group on Wednesday Nights.
Please come to join us as we worship our risen living savior, and bring your
It is our textbook.
Service Times
Sunday School 9:30 am
Morning Worship 10:45 am
Prayer for Church 5:30 pm
RA and GA Program 6:00 pm
Sunday Night Worship 6:00 pm
Streams in the Desert - an
outreach study and planning
meeting Wednesday 6 pm
Wednesday Night Bible Study
6:30 pm
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The Future at Oaklawn

Look for information about
future events and activities
to be listed in this section.

February 14th Valentine
Party and The Wedding
Game 6 pm

March 21st Chili Cook-Off
and Dessert Auction 6 pm

April 18th Movie Night 6 pm

May 9th Mother's Day Meal
6 pm

June 20th Fathers Day
Meal 6 pm


                         February is Here!

    February always turns our hearts to think of
those we love. That special guy or girl we fell head
over heels in love with, and just couldn't live the rest
of our life without them! Whether you have been
married for a long time or a short time, just look at
your girl or guy and never forget the feelings you
have had for one another. That person you see, is
the one YOU just couldn't live without, and YOU
wanted them to be with you forever in wedded bliss.
That person you are looking at right now, at one
time,was your whole world. WOW, that's a sobering
     While it is true that our relationships change,
and our love changes as our relationship grows.
Our love for each other deepens, or lessens
depending on our circumstances and emotions.
That hunk of a man probably isn't the same hunk
you married, and the fox you married has turned
into an old hen. Our love changes.
     Jesus love for us never changes. It is always
there, constant and faithful, and true, as the first day
we accepted Him and decided we couldn't live
another day without Him. He loved us so much that
He went to the cross to pay our sin debt, something
we could never pay ourselves. Jesus is a faithful
companion, one that promises to always be there,
never considering the opportunity to leave. Hebrews
13:5, Jesus says, "I r never desert you, nor will I
ever forsake you." That is a wonderful promise for
you, a timeless promise. Do yourself a favor. Fall in
Love with Jesus today!
    Pastor Chip Davidson

             Who loves you more than Jesus?