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always to put Christ first and to help you find ways to do the same. Our
Worship Service times include Praise to God both in song and in word as we
study and sing of His wonderful love for us. We have many study times in
which God's Word is taught: in our Sunday School time, and Wednesday
Night Bible Study times, and in our Youth Group on Wednesday Nights.
Please come to join us as we worship our risen living savior, and bring your
It is our textbook.
Service Times
Sunday School 9:30 am
Morning Worship 10:45 am
Prayer for Church 5:30 pm
RA and GA Program 6:00 pm
Sunday Night Worship 6:00 pm
Streams in the Desert - an
outreach study and planning
meeting Wednesday 6 pm
Wednesday Night Bible Study
6:30 pm
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The Future at Oaklawn

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future events and activities
to be listed in this section.

April 18th Movie Night 6 pm

April 24th Christians
Blessing Christians
Ministries Marriage
Ministries Meeting at OBC
from 7 to 8:30 PM

May 9th Mother's Day Meal
6 pm

June 20th Fathers Day
Meal 6 pm

Dates andTimes to
be announced
                               RESURRECTION SUNDAY
Written by S. M. Lockridge

   God is greater than all the superlative statements of supremacy ever
shared. No far-reaching telescope can bring into focus the shoreline of
his unlimited supply. No deep-digging dredge can discover the depth
of his determination to deliver you. He stands alone on the solitary
pinnacle of his omnipotence. He is unparalleled and unprecedented,
unique and inescapable. He is the cornerstone of all civilization. He
is God's Son, our Savior.
   He can meet all your needs, and he can do it simultaneously. He gives
you hope when you're hopeless, help when you're helpless, peace when
you're in pain, strength when you struggle, rest when you're restless and
courage when you cry. He sees and sympathizes. He guards and he
guides. He heals the sick, cleanses the leper, sets the captive free and
forgives sinners.
   He is the key to knowledge, the wellspring of wisdom, the doorway
of deliverance, and the pathway to peace. He's the roadway to
righteousness, the highway to holiness, and the gateway to glory. He
is the master of masters, the captain of the conquerors, the head of
the heroes, and the leader of the legislators. He is the Governor of
governors, the Prince of Peace, the Prince of princes. He is the Lord
of all lords, the King of all kings.
   I wish I could describe him to you. He is indescribable, irresistible,
irreplaceable, indisputable, invincible. His word is all you need. He
is love, and it never ends. His grace is sufficient, and his mercy never
fails. His yoke is easy; his burden is light.
   I tell you, you can't outlive him, and you can't live without him. Pilate
couldn't stop him, Herod couldn't kill him, death couldn't handle him,
and praise God, the grave couldn't hold him.

   Are you awed by God today?