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5/2 Food Ministry

In Matthew 14 Jesus showed the people the power He had over the physical world when he took something as simple as a single boy's dinner and fed 5000 men with it. Our food ministry has taken note of this act of God, and seek to apply it within our communities. We started this ministry as an "as needed" provider, meaning that when someone needed food we gave to them from our food pantry. However this was a slow process, and couldn't possibly reach as many as were in need. We started doing a 1 Saturday a month ministry. Now on the 4th Saturday of every month we open the church building at 9 AM and hand out bags of food until they're all gone. Each month we've added to the total number of bags given out, and even seen God's hand at work in multiplying the food so that we would have plenty. Check out our event calendar to see when the next 5/2 day is!