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Ministry Blogs

Over the last few years our old website was setup in such a way that the pastor had to email our webmaster his articles for the month, and that was perfect for what our website was. As we began the journey into using the web to reach more and more people it became apparent that we needed a way to get our information our faster and more often. This page is dedicated to each of our leaders blogs. We have the Pastor's blog which is where our pastor is able to post his thoughts directly and as often as he sees fit. It's a great place to get a Word from God on the web. Bookmark the Pastor's Blog to come back often!

Our Youth Pastor's Blog is going to focus on youth issues and events. He sees the need for the youth of today's world to have a place they can go to and get solid Biblical information to take with them into their schools and homes. His blog will be updated weekly (as long as his kids are napping...). Check it out!

Our Choir Director's Blog will be updated periodically with information regarding our choir events, and whatever Word the Lord gives to him to bring. Come back often and see what's going on with our Choir!