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Dark Hills

Coming home tonight from T-ball practice I decided that I would listen to some of my older rock songs in my playlist. I've gotten lately to where I like listening to either classical or Lecrae...I know big swing but it is what it is. Tonight though I just felt the urge to listen to something a little different. As I was shuffling through the playlist the song "Dark Hills" by Day of Fire came on, and it got me thinking. So this is a less thought out post than usual and more of a free writing moment so I apologize in advance for the chaos that is sure to follow.

The song "Dark Hills" starts with an individual realizing that they have fallen to the lowest of lows in their life, and their questioning if they're even worthy of the grace of Jesus Christ. The chorus begins "How heavy was the crown of thorns? I wonder if I'm to far gone?", and I think many times I forget how Christ must have felt wearing that crown of thorns. I can't imagine how difficult having thorns crushed into your skin and being forced to walk wearing such a thing must have been. I know if I were Him (and this is a good reason that God is God and I am not...) I would not have been able to stand by without calling on the many legions of angels at my disposal to destroy the city. But Christ didn't, He took on the crown, He took the beatings, He endured the mocking all for each one of us. How many times do we sit back and think about what He really did for us?

Now that in and of itself could go on for a long post, but there is much more to the song that got me thinking. The chorus goes on:
"They say Jesus walked the dark hills
He broke bread with beggars and thieves
If I cry out in this darkness, if I fall down on my knees
If He walks the dark hills, will He come for me? Will He come save me?"

The answer to that is emphatically YES! Jesus will come for you, in fact he already did. He came with the intention of saving all who would come to him 1 Peter 3:18 points out " For Christ also died for sins once for all, the just for the unjust, so that He might bring us to God, having been put to death in the flesh, but made alive in the spirit;. He didn't just die for the few, He died for ALL. You see, Jesus already came for us, we simply have to call out to Him!

Another point that needs to be made comes from the second verse of the song
"Searching for the truth through stained glass windows covered up in shame things that only I know
Strike a match and light another candle, raise my hands a sing a pretty song.
If anybody knew this ugliness inside me would they throw a stone would the crucify me?"

The person in question is seeking answers, but seeking them in religion. God calls us to Him not to religiocity (is that even a word?...). The problem with religion is that inevitably (read the OT, it happened a lot) it becomes more about the rules and regulations than about God. And this verse points exactly that out, the individual fears his own sins coming out and being found out by the people inside who would cast him away. The only times I can think of Jesus casting anyone away were the times He stood face to face with the demonic, Satan, or the money-changers in the temple. Please correct me if I'm wrong here, but I don't think anyone who ever came to Him seeking His mercy, grace, and love was ever turned away. He broke bread with beggars and thieves. He told the thief on the cross that that man, the sinner who had recognized Christ for who He was, would be with Him in Paradise (Luke 23:39-43). You see the point is that if Christ was willing to care for those in dire need of His mercy, grace and love, shouldn't we? We are supposed to be the "Light of the World" which means that we as Christians are supposed to be a direct reflection of the Christ whom we claim to serve. Don't believe me? How can Christ call us the "Light of the World" in Matt 5:14 and call Himself the "Light of World" in John 8:13? So which is it? Was Jesus wrong in calling us the Light or wrong in calling Himself the Light? Or maybe Jesus is pointing out the fact that we are to be His light to the world until He returns!

So my questions to you are these:

    Do you believe that Jesus the Christ came for all mankind?

If so then you have to agree that no man is unworthy of the mercy, grace, and love of Jesus Christ!

    Do you walk the dark hills pushing the darkness back shedding light on those in the most need?

If not, then get out this week and see where God wants to shed His light, and follow Him there!



that is some deep thought out of a song

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